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Security is an investment for commercial enterprises. Newfield Heights CT Locksmith Store staff aims to make your investment in a security system worth it. The success of Newfield Heights commercial clients matter to us, and that is why we provide customers with our all-inclusive locksmith and security consultation service. Newfield Heights CT Locksmith Store and the business community have formed a strong partnership and a long history centered around the provision of personalized service.

Our specialists can access any business location in one hour, be it office, warehouse or retail store. With our specialized equipment and industry experience, we apply our knowledge to make sure your business doesn’t stall.  We help you choose a security system that sees to all your access needs. The services we offer cover premises like:Newfield Heights CT Locksmith Store, Newfield Heights , CT 860-375-4790

  • Restaurants
  • Office Spaces
  • Assisted Living Care Centers
  • Business Outlets
  • Schools / Universities
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Banks


Newfield Heights CT Locksmith Store banks on our impressive resume of industry knowledge, practical skills and customer relation and tap into the tips and tricks learned in training in the locksmith craft. Our staff makes us the most on demand crew in coming up with the most efficient and robust security solutions that are needed to make your business a success. Newfield Heights CT Locksmith Store works behind the curtain with business owners to protect everything that the firm finds critical to its well-being.

Enhanced locking systems are just what Newfield Heights CT Locksmith Store provides for you. We help you control the flow of traffic in and out of your business. We provide you with keyway systems with an elevated level of security as the keys are not susceptible to duplication. Newfield Heights CT Locksmith Store sources safes, vaults and security hardware. We can also use designated spaces in your company building to design and implement secure rooms for added security.

Newfield Heights CT Locksmith Store installs master key and sub-master key systems to limit access to areas in your premises to only key members of your company. Master keys put access control in a key member’s hands while sub-master keys open up areas of your business that require access by multiple members. For all your large-scale access requirements, Newfield Heights CT Locksmith Store is ready to take on projects in traffic -intensive buildings like office buildings and hotels. The best part about it is that do it all overnight.

Due to public demand, we install the highly rated electronic access control system. Its access token mode of operation makes it a big hit in business premises as it can be activated and deactivated at will. Another reason is that it cannot be duplicated, thus eliminating the risk of lost keys. Newfield Heights CT Locksmith Store guarantees that all areas of your business building will be safe.

Motion sensitive alarm systems are a powerful tool when you want to monitor traffic to your business. Companies that have sensitive data, expensive equipment and fragile infrastructure may want to limit movement in certain company sectors.  Newfield Heights CT Locksmith Store installs these motion sensitive systems on doorways, vents, and anywhere that might witness movement when there is supposed to be none. They are a handy addition to your security network in case your building is breached. Even with you not being around your premises, you can have a measure of control to who accesses your business.

The security systems offered by Newfield Heights CT Locksmith Store are suited to fit each and every business owner in Newfield Heights . We individualize your systems so your network can have security built just to meet its requirements.